Friday, January 15, 2010

Cliff turns 55!!!!

Cliff turned 55 today....January 14, 2010. We had all of our girls and their families here for the evening. We ordered in Chinese, then opened presents and had the cake. One of the girls in our Single's Ward that Cliff is Bishop of made the cake for him. It is a huge Insulin Syringe. With the words "Happy Birthday, Big Shot" on there. We thought it was pretty clever.

Grandpa and Rylie before he opens his presents.

All the granddaughters wanted to help with opening the gifts!

They had fun each getting a turn to help Grandpa open one of the gifts.

Here's the birthday boy with all 6 of his granddaughters.

The Cake

Same picture as above. I didn't know I already had it in here.

Here come's the first bite!!! Not really...he didn't do it.

Kelsey decides to use it on him. HaHA!
He'll need a big shot after tonights meal!!

Wow!! 55!! In all honesty, I don't think Cliff ever thought when he was younger that he would ever see this age. We are very blessed and glad that he has!!

It looks like he still has enough energy to blow out the candles.....that is with a little help. HAHA!

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Kristi said...

Happy Birthday, Cliff...we are honored to know you and have you be a part of our are a remarkable man, with a remarkable family, which we love also...and WOW, you must have done something right in the pre-existence to be surrounded by all those beautiful women!