Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Granddaughter Arrives

Our newest little granddaughter arrived this morning at 5:42 am. She weighed in at 7 lbs. 2 oz. and was 20 inches long. Her mother is our 3rd daughter Kelsey and both mother and baby are doing great. We now have 6 granddaughters and 1 little grandson that we lost too soon back in June.
Wow! hard to believe that I have that many grandchildren already. But it is so fun to add them to our family. As I have said before, my granddaughters are the highlight of my life. They are so fun.
I will post some more pictures later when she is all cleaned up and in a cute outfit.
Congrats Kelsey and Dan!
She didn't like the flash and it woke her up.
Here's a good one with her eyes open.

Jenna with her new little sister London Mekelle

Monday, November 10, 2008

Grandma's Neighborhood Trunk or Treat Party

Our neighborhood always has a fun trunk or treat party at the park behind our house every year the Tuesday before Halloween. The kids like to come over and join us for that party. They have fun stuff for the kids to do at the park and we eat chili and hotdogs and then do the trunk or treat. It is really fun. This year we had all the grandkids there except for Amanda, cuz she was still a little sick with the flu. However, Katie and Cameron showed up with her for just a minute so that we could see her in her costume (since Cliff and I were not going to be home on Halloween).
Here are some pictures of the kids that night.

Here is everybody getting ready to go to Grandma's neighborhood trunk or treat party. We are missing Amanda because she was sick.
Here is Rylie, Savannah and Jenna in their costumes. Rylie and Savannah are Tinkerbell and Jenna is a flapper from the roaring 20's.

Katie brought Amanda over to the park to the party just to show us her costume. She was too sick to stay and have fun. Amanda is Yoda.

Here is our smallest Tinkerbell, little Meg, just 4 weeks old. She didn't have her wings on because they were too big for her, but she doesn't need them. She is already a little angel.

Rylie and Savannah, our two little Tinkerbells

Jenna in her flapper costume. Her grandma Riley made it for her. Isn't it cute.

Kelsey and Jenna at the party

After the party the girls came back to grandma's house for a slumber party. However, it didn't last long because they kept playin around and wouldn't go to sleep. Rylie decided she was tired and had enough and went upstairs to Morgan's room to sleep and Jenna decided that she wanted to go home with Mom when all the fun was done.