Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More Rhoades Reunion Pictures

I figured out how to get more pictures on here. Last time it wouldn't download all that I wanted. Anyway, here are a few more pictures taken at our Rhoades Reunion.

We started out the week with Cameron's birthday.

We were just having fun playing games while waiting our turn for the 4 wheeler. We are up at Scout Mountain outside Pocatello.

This is the granddaughters trying to do what grandma is doing.

This is Mikayla, with her Uncle Cliff, driving the 4 wheeler up in the mountains for the first time. They don't have mountains like this in Iowa.

Cliff enjoying his lunch.

This is the gang. We are missing a few, however. Morgan had gone to work. And then we are missing Cliff's brother Mike, and his wife Donna. Along with Matt and Wendy and Emily. They weren't able to come this year.

This picture doesn't even begin to show how dirty their faces and the rest of them got by the end of the day. This is Rylie, Savannah and Jenna. Cliff and I are the only ones so far on his side of the family that have grandchildren.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Rhoades Reunion

We just finished with the Rhoades Reunion. It was at our home this time and we had a great time. However, for some reason, of all the pictures I took (which were many) these are the only 4 pictures that would upload. I kept getting error on all the rest. Whats up with that? Sometimes I hate computers.

Anyway, if I figure it out I will post some more. We started the reunion out on Wednesday night and celebrated Cameron's birthday. Thursday we all went to Jenson Grove and spent the day on the water. Friday we went up Scout Mountain and enjoyed the day in the outdoors and did some 4 wheeling. We played games and visited as we took turns on the four wheelers. Saturday we drove over to Twin Falls for the new Temple Open House. It was very beautiful. Everyone left Sunday morning. We had a great time, but we missed Mike and Donna, and Matt and Wendy, who could not make it this time.

This is just a taste of what the little ones looked like by the end of the day up Scout Mountain

Here is Cliff with his mother

Granny went through her cedar chest before she came out from Nebraska and gave each of us an heirloom to have. It was wonderful. (I know, this picture is too dark)

Here is a picture of the front of the new Twin Falls Temple. However, I cut off angel Moroni on top. Didn't mean to do that. It was very beautiful inside.