Friday, October 16, 2009

Family Pictures of my Oldest Daughter

Here are some really cute pictures of Linsey's family. My daughter, Kelsey, took these pictures. She did an amazing job.
She did this one in black and one also. I like them both.
This is a GREAT picture of Linsey and Jarom!!!

I love this one of Rylie and Savannah!!




Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Before and After Shots!!

Ok. My basement is finally finished. Well, finished for the most part. I still have to put some decor on walls (when i figure out what I want) and a few little things. I really like how it all turned out and it looks better in real life than in these pictures, but it gives an idea of how it looks.

This was my living room for several weeks with part of the furniture from the basement in it. It drove me crazy!!.
The stairwell. I figured if I had to replace the carpet in the basement, I might as well do the stairs too, especially when I already hated the carpet that was on the stairs in the first place.

This is the family room. We had to tear out the wall where the window is and replace it. Wish I would have taken a picture when it was all torn out.

This is Kelsey's former bedroom when she was at home. The wall with the window here was also torn out.

This is Katie's former bedroom. It had a partial wall torn out. I should have taken pictures of how the rooms looked before we started tearing everything apart, but I didn't think about it.

Here is Katie's room. She and Kelsey want to move back now that their rooms are cute. I guess they didn't really like the plain white walls.....haha

Another view of Katie's room. Walls used to be white with green carpet.

Kelsey's room. Walls used to be white with blue carpet.

Another view of Kelsey's room

One more view of Kelsey's room.

Here is one end of the family room. It had green carpet and white walls before. I like it this way much, much better. It makes the room a lot more warm and homey. We still have to finish the window seal in this room. It is not done yet. We had the wrong size board and my son-in-law is doing it and he had to leave town.

The other end of the family room

Another view of family room.

One more view of the family room.
It was a long process and I am glad that it is finally done. I really like it. I speak, or type roof of my house is FINALLY being torn off and replaced!!!!
I should have taken before and after shots of our backyard as well. We had a cement patio that had to be torn out and we replaced it with a deck and the roof of the deck is being put on next week. So when that is done I will put up pictures of the finished project outside.