Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"WICKED" Trip and Memorial Day Weekend

So......we had a great trip to Omaha to see Cliff's parents and go to the broadway musical, "WICKED". It was great.
We also had a great Memorial Day with family. We left for Omaha on Wednesday morning at 4:00 am (wow that was early) and we drove the entire way in one day. It took a little longer than normal because we backtracked 40 miles in Nebraska because Katie thought she had left her cell phone at Wendy's and then after backtracking found it in the side pocket of the car where she was sitting. Yeah, we know, we should have looked in the car before backtracking.

We spent Thursday and Friday with Cliff's parents. The girls and I went to the show on Friday night while Cliff visited with his parents. We were missing Linsey, she couldn't make it this time. We really missed her and wish she could have been with us. Then we left Saturday morning at 5:00 am and drove all the way home. It was a very long day. A quick trip, but a fun one.

Then Monday, Memorial Day, we went to Idaho Falls. This is our first Memorial Day with Mother gone. David has company up there at the cemetery now with Mother and our little grandson, Cameron Clifford. We lost him a year ago this upcoming Monday.

Below are a few of the many pictures that I took during the past few days.

This is everyone that was at the cemetery.
This is three of my granddaughters (Rylie, Jenna, and Savannah). In the center is Cole (my neice's little boy). We were having a BBQ at Great-Grandpa's (my dad) after the cemetery.

Here are all of my cute little granddaughters. Starting from the left--Amanda (who isn't very happy in this picture), Rylie holding Meg, Jenna holding London, and Savannah.

Here is Katie, Cameron and Amanda in front of little Cameron Clifford's grave.

Me, my dad, Ken and Cheryl. Mom's headstone turned out awesome.

Here are all of the cousins except for Luke, Mandy and Britney.

Linsey's new carrying gadget. Meg doesn't seem to mind it.

OK. My pictures of our Omaha trip are backwards, but oh well. This is on the way home. It was a long day.
After the show. It was so awesome. I have seen it twice, Morgan three times, and first for Katie and Kelsey. But we are determined to take our husbands in the future sometime.

Getting ready to go in the theater.

Actually, this is before the show when we were killing time in the Old Market in Omaha close to the theater. The girls were finding fun places to take pictures.

I kinda got my pictures mixed around here, but oh well.

On our way!
We thought our friends, the O'Connors, would like this one. Haha!

Just getting something cold to drink before going to the show.

More fun pictures in Old Market Place.

We thought this old train was pretty fun.

Morgan's coming back here to take engagement pictures. And NO she is not engaged. Just thinks this would be fun.

Cliff and I and his parents.

Grandma and Grandpa with the girls. It was a fun trip and fun to see them again.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cute Pictures of Grandkids

These are the cutest pictures. If you look at my daughter, Kelsey's Photo blog, there are a few more. She is learning how to take pictures these are just a few.

This is Amanda. She belongs to Katie and Cameron. Isn't that cute.
These next three are Jenna. She belongs to Kelsey and Dan.

I love this one.

Kelsey has some pretty good little models.