Sunday, July 27, 2008

Priest Lake 2008

Well, we are back from Priest Lake. We had a great time and had everyone there except for Jarom. We missed him. Here are a few pictures, but I had a lot more I wish I could all fit on here.
Priest Lake is an annual vacation for us and we have been coming for 44 years. Ever since I was
8 years old.

All of us except for Jarom at Coolin Marina
Our campsite

Headed to the beach with all our gear

Sorry, same picture again. I told you I am just new at this

Same family picture

Jenna has a popsicle and decided to share with Rylie and Savannah

The two year old little tykes playing on the dock

Great Grandma and Grandpa Simpson with 5 of their great grandchildren

Fun with Grandpa on the four wheeler

Our beach site

Aunt Ray helping to make sand castles

Boy, this is the life, especially for Preston

Is this cute or what

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July

It's the 4th of July and we had a little pool party for the kids at Linsey's house. They all had a great time, as did the big kids too. You will see in the pictures below. Then we went to the fireworks in the evening down at the river.

This is Amanda. She just learned to crawl.

Katie takes a turn on the slide with the kids.

Jenna and Savannah had a great time together in the little pool.

Kelsey's turn. How's that for a 5 month pregnant woman. She's braver than me.

Kelsey and Katie decide to cool off in the pool with Savannah and Jenna. However, Linsey
decides just to pose outside the pool. She is 6 months pregnant.

Rylie is enjoying the watermelon in between swims and the swings. We never could get her to go down the slide into the water. She didn't want to get her eyes wet.

They are all having fun, except for maybe Amanda. This was her first time in the water.
Yeah, not too thrilled. This is just the preview for Priest Lake coming up next week

Grandpa just being grandpa. He loves to just sit and hold his granddaughters

Now we are down at the river waiting for the fireworks to start. We had everyone there
except for Morgan, she was playing in West Yellowstone with friends, and Cameron (Katie's husband). He had to work

It's almost time. The best part of the fireworks is sometimes the playing and walking around at the river and seeing people you know.

The show has began. It was a great show too. It always is. This is the first time I have been able to be down here at the fireworks in 3 years.
We had a great day together.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I can't start a blog without showing my grandchildren. Wow, that ages me. I currently have 4 granddaughters and we have two more granddaughters on the way. I know, I know where are the boys. Well, we lost our first little grandson on June 1st. Katie's water broke too soon and his little organs and body weren't developed enough to survive in the outside world. I was able to hold him and Katie and Cameron named him, Cameron Clifford. It was a very sad day for us. He is buried in the Ammon Cemetery by my brother, David.

Here are my four granddaughters. Starting at left, Savannah (not happy), Jenna, Rylie, and Amanda. Rylie and Savannah belong to my oldest, Linsey. Amanda belongs to Katie. And Jenna belongs to Kelsey.

I'm Just Learning

If you notice, the postings below are backwards. You will see the pictures first and then the explanation. I don't know how all this blogging works yet. Be patient with me.

This is Morgan's other best friend, Matti. They played 7 years of volleyball together and are great friends. They will miss playing that sport together.

This is Morgan and three of her best friends....starting from the left....Jessica, Melissa, Hailey, and Morgan. They have had some good times together over the past 4 or 5 years.

This is family that came to Morgan's high school graduation. We're missing Katie and Cameron, they were late. And we're missing Kelsey and Dan because they were at Pocatello Graduation first for Dan's brother, Colin.

This is Morgan's Seminary Graduation with her Grandma and Grandpa Simpson. Morgan served as the Highland High School Seminary Council President this year. She did a great job.


I guess right now what is happening with our family is that last month Morgan, our baby, graduated from High School. That makes it our last. Wow, where did those years go by. Below are some pictures of Morgan at graduation.