Sunday, July 27, 2008

Priest Lake 2008

Well, we are back from Priest Lake. We had a great time and had everyone there except for Jarom. We missed him. Here are a few pictures, but I had a lot more I wish I could all fit on here.
Priest Lake is an annual vacation for us and we have been coming for 44 years. Ever since I was
8 years old.

All of us except for Jarom at Coolin Marina
Our campsite

Headed to the beach with all our gear

Sorry, same picture again. I told you I am just new at this

Same family picture

Jenna has a popsicle and decided to share with Rylie and Savannah

The two year old little tykes playing on the dock

Great Grandma and Grandpa Simpson with 5 of their great grandchildren

Fun with Grandpa on the four wheeler

Our beach site

Aunt Ray helping to make sand castles

Boy, this is the life, especially for Preston

Is this cute or what


Kelsey Riley said...

That picture of Amanda is adorable. She has the biggest smile and such bright blue eyes! Those are some pretty good pictures. You'll have to email me the ones of me skiing if you have any.

Katie said...

I love that picture of Amanda. Those are good pictures of the girls. So much fun.

Linsey said...

Such a cute pic of Amanda!!! You'll have to email me the ones with my kids and the group picture please. I decided that Savannah isn't very photogenic. She looks grouchy in all the pics. :)