Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Family Christmas Pictures

In my christmas blog I forgot to add our family picture. So below is a picture of our entire family now. We are growing quickly and it is fun. Then below that is a picture of the original six of us.

Now these following pictures are sooooo cute. Can you tell that I am a proud grandma? The first four are of Meg Jaylene.

The next few are of London and Jenna. Kelsey took all of the pictures and she did a great job. They are so cute.

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Holidays

We have had some fun times during the holidays and below is just a few pictures of those times. I wish I could put them all on here.

First of all, my son in law, Jarom, graduated from the P.O.S.T. Police Academy over in Boise on December 12th. Cliff and I went over with Linsey for the graduation. It was very impressive. There were men from all over Idaho who went through the academy and they each were wearing their own uniforms from their county. It was impressive to see them all march in and to watch them take their oath. Jarom received the award for "Sharpshooter". He had the third highest score (99) out of 45 men. The two higher than him were very close to him at (99.5or6) He did awesome.

Here is Jarom receiving his graduation certificate and award.
Here is Jarom and Linsey after the graduation.
Every year for the past 30 years our family has gone out to the cemetery, where my brother is buried to remember him and to sing Christmas Carols. We put a little Christmas tree on his grave each time. I know it may sound odd to sing Carols in a cemetery, but honestly there is always such a special feeling and spirit there each time we go. Some years it is very cold and some years there is no snow. This year, there was alot of snow, but it was a very nice evening and not real cold and it is so quiet out there that our voices sound great in the quiet of the night.This year we didn't have as many of us there because Mother has joined David (so we were singing to her as well this year) and Cheryl, Doug, Jordan, and Mekelle were spending Christmas in the Cook Islands. That is where Doug served his mission. We hope they had a great time!
For the past 30 years we have just had David out there, but this year we have added two more. Mother and our first little grandson, Cameron Clifford (who didn't get the chance to experience this earthly life)
This is Katie and Cameron's little girl, Amanda. She is sitting in front of the little Christmas tree.

Here is those of us that made it this year. We didn't get mother's headstone in yet, or little Cameron's, but the wreath on the right is where Mother is and little Cameron is a little below that and to the right. I am taking the picture.

My granddaughters love to play with the little ice skating rink that is under my tree upstairs with my christmas village. This is Jenna and Amanda under the tree.

This is Christmas Eve at my home this year. We had dinner and then read the Christmas Story from Luke with music inbetween the verses.

Here is dinner time. I guess some times I should have someone else take the
picture. When I am gone, there will be no pictures of me, because I am always the
one behind the camera. Ha-ha!
This is Morgan. Everyone is gone home now, except Cliff, Morgan and me. The girls get pajamas every Christmas Eve and she is the only one left to get them. She doesn't like getting the tops, just the bottoms, so that makes it a little easier for me. She's a poser.

This is Christmas morning and as you can tell, this is one of her favorites. I have to admit....I have read the books and seen the movie and they are awesome.

Cliff just wonders and ponders about the whole thing.

Here is Morgan with all her Christmas stuff. I think she made out pretty well this year. I don't think she is too anxious to get married because then Santa might not be so generous for a while.

This is the front of our home with all the Christmas lights. You can't see the tree in the window very well from this angle. I love the Christmas lights and so I like to decorate my home every year. It is one of my favorite things. The bright light below the window at the left is Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus. It's hard to see them. We all had a great Christmas and hope that each of you did as well.
Yesterday, December 28th, our little granddaughter Meg Jaylene was blessed by her father.
It was very nice and here are a couple of pictures of her.

If you want to see some really cute pictures of her, check out my daughter, Kelsey's new photo blog. She is starting to get into photography and these are some of her first pictures. She started a photo blog and I think it is They are awesome.
Kelsey and Dan's new little girl, London Mekelle, is being blessed next Sunday, on Jan. 4th. so I will have to put up her pictures next week.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

First of all, I don't know if anyone even looks at this blog. I never get any comments to know whether anyone is keeping up with us or not. So.....please leave a comment once in a while so that I know that I'm not posting these pictures for nothing.

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend. It was the year for the in-laws, so Morgan, Cliff and I were the only ones that went to my brother's house in Idaho Falls for Thanksgiving Dinner. It was very nice and Ray (my sister-in-law) always does such a nice job. She is wonderful.

Then on Saturday evening we had all of our kids and grandkids together for dinner. I do a Christmas Candlelight Dinner and Family Home Evening every year at the beginning of December. It starts our month out great and gets us into the Christmas season.

Below are a few pictures from Thanksgiving Day and our Candlelight Dinner.

These two are our two newest granddaughters. London is on the left (Kelsey's) and Meg is on the right (Linsey's).
This is our three little ones, as we have always called them. Morgan, then Mekelle, and Tayva. We get harrassed because we always take a picture of the three of them at every family gathering. They think they are the special ones. Well......the other grandchildren think we think they are the special ones, but really.....we just like taking pictures of them. Haha!!

This is getting ready for Thanksgiving Dinner. My brother, Ken, is carving the turkey in the background.
Here's Morgan anxiously awaiting her turkey. Cheryl (my sister) and Jordan (my neice) are in the background.
Here's Cliff, Morgan and me. We were the only three of the Rhoades clan there this year.

This is our Christmas FHE Candlelight dinner.

Here are three of my six granddaughters. At the far end is Rylie, then Jenna and Savannah.

Katie, Cameron and Morgan getting ready to eat. If you look close you will see Amanda at the far end next to Katie.

Here is everyone at the table except me (I'm taking the picture), the new babies, (they were sleeping), and the three little girls that were at the bar. Grandpa Simpson joined us this year.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Granddaughter Arrives

Our newest little granddaughter arrived this morning at 5:42 am. She weighed in at 7 lbs. 2 oz. and was 20 inches long. Her mother is our 3rd daughter Kelsey and both mother and baby are doing great. We now have 6 granddaughters and 1 little grandson that we lost too soon back in June.
Wow! hard to believe that I have that many grandchildren already. But it is so fun to add them to our family. As I have said before, my granddaughters are the highlight of my life. They are so fun.
I will post some more pictures later when she is all cleaned up and in a cute outfit.
Congrats Kelsey and Dan!
She didn't like the flash and it woke her up.
Here's a good one with her eyes open.

Jenna with her new little sister London Mekelle

Monday, November 10, 2008

Grandma's Neighborhood Trunk or Treat Party

Our neighborhood always has a fun trunk or treat party at the park behind our house every year the Tuesday before Halloween. The kids like to come over and join us for that party. They have fun stuff for the kids to do at the park and we eat chili and hotdogs and then do the trunk or treat. It is really fun. This year we had all the grandkids there except for Amanda, cuz she was still a little sick with the flu. However, Katie and Cameron showed up with her for just a minute so that we could see her in her costume (since Cliff and I were not going to be home on Halloween).
Here are some pictures of the kids that night.

Here is everybody getting ready to go to Grandma's neighborhood trunk or treat party. We are missing Amanda because she was sick.
Here is Rylie, Savannah and Jenna in their costumes. Rylie and Savannah are Tinkerbell and Jenna is a flapper from the roaring 20's.

Katie brought Amanda over to the park to the party just to show us her costume. She was too sick to stay and have fun. Amanda is Yoda.

Here is our smallest Tinkerbell, little Meg, just 4 weeks old. She didn't have her wings on because they were too big for her, but she doesn't need them. She is already a little angel.

Rylie and Savannah, our two little Tinkerbells

Jenna in her flapper costume. Her grandma Riley made it for her. Isn't it cute.

Kelsey and Jenna at the party

After the party the girls came back to grandma's house for a slumber party. However, it didn't last long because they kept playin around and wouldn't go to sleep. Rylie decided she was tired and had enough and went upstairs to Morgan's room to sleep and Jenna decided that she wanted to go home with Mom when all the fun was done.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A New Calling Came Our Way

Hey everybody. I just thought you might be interested to know that Cliff received a new calling and was sustained last Sunday as Bishop in one of the University Wards here at Idaho State University. We are very excited and have heard that it is a wonderful experience and that we will love it.
It is one of those bittersweet moments. "Bitter" because I will now need to be released from my current calling, which is Stake Young Womens President, and I have loved this calling so much and will miss it a lot. Also I will miss so much attending my home ward, Chubbuck 6th Ward, that I love so very much. But also "Sweet" because we will have a great opportunity to rub shoulders and serve with these wonderful young people at the university. It is a single's ward and we have heard that it is a great, strong and solid ward. We look forward to serving our Heavenly Father in this new calling.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Mother's Week at BYU-Idaho with Morgan

I spent Friday thru Saturday night with Morgan up at BYU-Idaho for Mother's Weekend. My sister, Cheryl came with me. Her daughter, Mekelle and Morgan are roommates. They are having a great time. The four of us had a good time together on Friday and Saturday. Then Saturday night we went to Idaho Falls and spent the evening with my father. We went to church with him on Sunday and then the rest of the family came and we had an 80th birthday dinner for him. It was a fun weekend.

We watched Morgan play her first volleyball match with her
BYU-I competitive team. Two of their players were out of town
and they only had 6 players. Morgan was the setter, which was her
first match EVER playing as setter. She is usually the Libero. She
did a great job.

Cheryl and I did a session in the Rexburg Temple on Friday morning
while Morgan and Mekelle went down and did baptisms for the dead
at the same time. It was very nice.

Enjoying our dinner at Craigo's

On Friday night we went to a picture display that was being displayed in
the Mesa AZ Temple Visitors Center and is now at BYU-I. It depicts the
life of the Savior in pictures. It was really cool. This is Morgan and Mekelle
looking at the last picture. Below is Morgan looking at the last picture of
the Savior.

Morgan and Mekelle thing they are pretty cool with their new
matching shirts and rain boots.

Here is Cliff and I with our four girls

My Dad's 80th birthday is today, Oct. 13th. We celebrated last night at my brothers home with
all the family that could be there. This is Dad and my sister, Cheryl, and brother, Ken.