Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

First of all, I don't know if anyone even looks at this blog. I never get any comments to know whether anyone is keeping up with us or not. So.....please leave a comment once in a while so that I know that I'm not posting these pictures for nothing.

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend. It was the year for the in-laws, so Morgan, Cliff and I were the only ones that went to my brother's house in Idaho Falls for Thanksgiving Dinner. It was very nice and Ray (my sister-in-law) always does such a nice job. She is wonderful.

Then on Saturday evening we had all of our kids and grandkids together for dinner. I do a Christmas Candlelight Dinner and Family Home Evening every year at the beginning of December. It starts our month out great and gets us into the Christmas season.

Below are a few pictures from Thanksgiving Day and our Candlelight Dinner.

These two are our two newest granddaughters. London is on the left (Kelsey's) and Meg is on the right (Linsey's).
This is our three little ones, as we have always called them. Morgan, then Mekelle, and Tayva. We get harrassed because we always take a picture of the three of them at every family gathering. They think they are the special ones. Well......the other grandchildren think we think they are the special ones, but really.....we just like taking pictures of them. Haha!!

This is getting ready for Thanksgiving Dinner. My brother, Ken, is carving the turkey in the background.
Here's Morgan anxiously awaiting her turkey. Cheryl (my sister) and Jordan (my neice) are in the background.
Here's Cliff, Morgan and me. We were the only three of the Rhoades clan there this year.

This is our Christmas FHE Candlelight dinner.

Here are three of my six granddaughters. At the far end is Rylie, then Jenna and Savannah.

Katie, Cameron and Morgan getting ready to eat. If you look close you will see Amanda at the far end next to Katie.

Here is everyone at the table except me (I'm taking the picture), the new babies, (they were sleeping), and the three little girls that were at the bar. Grandpa Simpson joined us this year.


Kelsey Riley said...

mom...i read your blog. i haven't been on for awhile though. but i do look at it. so even if i'm the only one you can keep posting stuff just for me! ha ha! you tend to get some cute pictures of my girls so i like to see them.

Linsey said...

Mom...I look at your blog too. And I must say that you got a good picture of Meg. I also steal the good pics off your blog, so keep blogging! :)