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Christmas 2009


I said below that I didn't have any pictures of cookie making with granddaughters. I just found some on Kelsey's blog. so here they are. And if you want to see everything we did for the kids for the 12 days of Christmas go to Kelsey's blog. she posted about each day. It is

We gave all the grandkids new Christmas jammies for one of the days and here they are wearing them for our sleepover.
This is after we made the cookies. everyone was hungry and we had pizza.

Getting ready to eat pizza after hard work of making christmas cookies.
Jenna rolling out her cookie dough to cut the cookies.
This was so fun to do with the girls.
It was fun to watch their creativity in frosting their cookies
Here is the end result.

We had a great Christmas this year with loved ones and family and friends. I love Christmas time and I'm always a little sad when it is over. Here is a recap of our Christmas festivities.


Cliff and I did the 12 days of Christmas for our kids and their families this year and one of the days was a sleepover for the older 4 granddaughters with us. I didn't get pictures on my camera of us making our Christmas cookies, which was very fun, but I think we got it on the movie camera or someone elses camera. I hope so. But here are a few pictures from the rest of the evening.
Here is Grandpa reading a christmas story to the girls. Amanda is at the right hiding or something.
They all wanted to sit on Grandpa's lap at the same time to watch a movie. It's ok. It didn't last too long.
We all slept out on the floor together in the family room. Of course, they wanted grandma in the middle. Mine is the blue bag in the middle. It was a lot of fun! We watched the movie "Frosty the Snowman"
Don't know why this picture came up sideways, but this is what we had for breakfast. The girls loved it!
Breakfast time!

Grandpa looks a little tired here don't ya think? He had to have eye surgery the day before. We had this planned with the girls before we knew they would do surgery that day. I was a little worried about it, but Grandpa wanted to do it anyway.
Every year our granddaughters love to lay under my christmas tree upstairs and play with the little ice skating pond. The skaters go around while "Away in a Manger" plays. They love it! They do pretty good at leaving the rest of the Christmas Village alone, but the real little ones still have a hard time with that.

We rented a bus (school bus...wasn't too bad though) to all travel down together in. It wasn't too bad until it broke down. We could tell something was wrong and tried to make it to the Plymouth, UT exit (which is out in the middle of no where) and just as we were exiting the interstate, all power went out on the bus. We glided to a stop on the ramp and then had to hike all the kids over to the gas station. Luckily it wasn't too far.

We then had to camp out in the Subway that was attached to the gas station while we waited for another bus to come and get us. We were there about 1 1/2 hours. The kids bought cards and played while we waited. They were all really good sports about it and we didn't hear any complaining.

This is just Morgan and I chillin at Subway while waiting for the bus.

It was worth the wait. Temple square was beautiful, as always. We were going to go and see the Joseph Smith movie at the JS Memorial Building, but because of the bus breakdown that is what we had to cut out. I wish we could have because we had some who had never seen it before.

We all had a great time. I always enjoy walking around temple square, especially at christmas time. We were glad Morgan was home from BYU-I so that she could go with us.

This is Morgan and two of the girls from our ward, Kirsten and Abby.
The three of us again. We also took the kids to Chuck-a-rama for dinner. Our home stake, Chubbuck Stake, also brought their single's ward down the same day and would you believe that both of our buses showed up at Chuck-a-Rama at the very same time. So we had a pretty long wait for them to fit about 90 of us in there to eat. But we enjoyed visiting and having fun while waiting. It was a great trip. We love the young people of the University 10th Ward and so grateful that Cliff has the opportunity of being their bishop and being their with them.


It is a tradition of ours every Christmas to have a candlelight dinner and a Christmas FHE together. While our girls were growing up, we had a candlelight dinner for every holiday during the year and would decorate the table to that holiday. But since they are all married now and Morgan is away at school, we only continue to do the Christmas candlelight dinner and then we have our Christmas FHE lesson. This year Cliff had the lesson and he did a wonderful Christmas message and then gave each of our daughters and their family a large bronze statue of the Savior. (I didn't even know about that one.) I know it will be a treasure to all of them.

Dinner came first before the lesson. Here is Rylie, Jenna, and Savannah.

Here is most everybody. Amanda is over in the corner to the right. Morgan and Cliff were over getting their food and the two babies were there somewhere. And of course, I was taking the picture. We invited my Dad to come and spend the evening with us.

Cliff did a little christmas lesson for the grandkids before we went on to the other lesson. He also bought each of the granddaughters a little crystal ornament of the nativity scene. They were beautiful and I'm sure their parents will keep those safe for them so they won't break. It will be a wonderful keepsake for them from their grandfather.


Our Christmas Eve tradition is to get together with my side of the family for dinner and some kind of a christmas message. We rotate homes between our house and my brother's house. This year it was at my brother's in Idaho Falls. It has also been a tradition for the past 31 years to go out to the cemetery on Christmas Eve (we go a different night when christmas eve is at my house) and put a little Christmas tree on my brother's grave and sing a few Christmas carols. We love this tradition because it helps us remember those we love, who have passed on, at this special time of year. It is so quiet and peaceful out there and our voices in the night sound great. We now have my mother and a little grandson out their with my brother, David, as well. My mother loved this tradition and so I know that she still loves having us come and sing.

Everyone singing

My mother's grave is the one on the left and my brother's is the one with the lit Christmas tree. My sister-in-law bought some blinking lights this year to put on David's grave. They worked so well that Dad is going to get some next year for Mother's. We were surprised to find that when my sister-in-law went back out to pick up the tree and take it home for the year (which was about a week after Christmas) that the lights were still blinking. They had not run out of battery. That is awesome.

Here is Katie, Cameron, and Amanda in front of little Cameron Clifford's grave.

After the cemetery, we went back to Ken and Ray's home to eat dinner. After dinner, Ray had a very nice Christmas message for us about the light of the star and how we should let that light shine in our lives each and every day. It was a wonderful message.

These two pictures are actually out of place. This took place on Christmas Day when we were back at my brother's house for gift opening and a fun gift game. Another tradition that we have done since I was a little girl. During the game Ray had a competition of teams where you had to race to make deer antlers out of balloons and nylons. Then someone on the team had to put the antlers on their head before you could win. This is Morgan with her team's antlers on. A little droopy. She was suppose to tie the ribbon around the end of the antlers on each side and she has it tied around her neck. HAHA!

Here are the representatives from each team. By the team won. Michael, second from the right, was our team leader. So starting from the left....Cheryl (my sister), Cindy(my brother's sister-in-law), Morgan, Michael (who is my cousin on the Simpson side, but married my brother's neice from his wife, Ray's, side....figure that one out. haha) and then Cameron(my son-in-law). It was quite humorous.

After Ray gave her Christmas message about the light, we all went outside with lit candles and listened to a song about the star. It was great. My picture didn't turn out too great. This is Morgan and Mekelle (my sister's daughter)
I have Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus in my front yard. My little granddaughter, Amanda, always runs over to it first thing every time she comes to the house. Well, this is Christmas Eve after we had arrived back home from Idaho Falls and she wanted to go say good night to baby Jesus before she went home. So cute

Here is Morgan with her Christmas Eve pajamas and a new DVD to watch. Another tradition of ours for years has been on Christmas Eve all the girls would sleep together in Mom and Dad's bed and watch a movie. So the tradition started with four sisters together in one bed. Now it is down to only Morgan. She has had the bed to herself for three years now. Then Cliff and I sleep downstairs in the hide-a-bed by the Christmas Tree.

The three of us before bedtime!

One by the Christmas tree!

Had to actually wake her up this year.
This is Morgan's reaction to her gift from Santa. She was a little nervous about it this year because she usually gives us a list of things she would like and so kinda knows what she will probably get, but this year she didn't give us a list and had no idea. We had over heard her in passing during the year say that she would like a new mountain bike. The bike she had was a smaller frame that she got about 11 years ago and so she doesn't ride it anymore. She wants to try mountain biking a little. Anyway, she was very surprised and I don't think she was even expecting it a little bit.
She actually received gifts for three of the sports that she enjoys doing. Here she is with her new helmet for mountain biking. Got to have one of those if you are going to bike in the mountains.

Here she is with her new goggles for snowboarding

Here she is with her new life vest for waterskiing.
This picture snuck in before I put the last picture of Morgan. Cliff has wanted a cane to help him on days when his legs hurt and he needs help, but he wanted a cool cane and not an old man looking one. I found this one online and it is awesome. It has a double horse head on the handle.

Ok. Here is Morgan with all three. bike, helmet, goggles, and lifevest. She got a little spoiled this year. I commented to her that who knows, maybe she will have a different Santa in her life next year, and she said......"I kinda like the Santa I have now". We got a chuckle out of that.

IT WAS A GREAT CHRISTMAS AND A GOOD NEW YEAR!! We are eternally grateful to Heavenly Father for the many blessings that He gives us. Even amidst trials and challenges we still recognize the blessings.

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