Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm Still Alive!!

Can I just say that I am terrible at keeping up this blog. Last time I updated was on Cliff's birthday, which was the beginning of this year and the year is almost over. Wow! You would have better luck looking at my facebook page to find out what's happening in my life. Here is a very brief view of my year.
Cliff has been put on permanent medical disability from work, Linsey and her family are moving to Tampa, Florida. (Linsey next week, and the rest of the family in December). Cliff and I are driving out to Florida with Linsey and then flying home. That should be fun!! Katie just delivered twin girls a week ago. They were 13 weeks early and it was a pretty tramatic delivery. One at home and the other at the hospital, with an ambulance ride in the middle. Katie gets deathly sick for her entire pregnancies, so it has been pretty miserable for her, but she and little girls are doing good. Kelsey's husband got hired for a new job and they will be moving to who knows where. And Morgan is engaged to Norman Reece and will be getting married on December 11th.

So as you can see, this has been and still is a very busy year for our family. Many of them are moving away, far away, and we will miss them terribly and Morgan is starting a new chapter in her life. She has chosen a wonderful young man to be her eternal companion and we are very pleased and excited for them both. Cliff is having to adjust to slowing his pace down and not working anymore. Physically he is ready, but mentally he is not ready to be done teaching and doing that which he loves. But it is giving him time to spend with his little granddaughters that will be moving away soon. I'm just trying to get through each day and each new hurdle:)


Kristi said...

Just in case you think that people don't read your blog anymore or care to check in...this is to tell you they do! It is always great to hear what is going on with our 'soul' family, the Rhoades. I feel for you, we felt the very same a couple of years ago...everyone moving far from home, and Jacob in a new chapter of his life. It is very hard to let go and have your grandchildren clear across the country!! You soon will log as many frequent flyer miles as I do, sounds like! We are glad to hear that the twins are doing well...and Tampa is not far from Orlando where Tanessa lives! Hope the Cliff gets feeling better with his new less-stress lifestyle...He will be sorely missed in his teaching! We all love him and his great teaching ablities! Good luck with the wedding...they seem so very happy, and we are happy for them...and you!

Che and Amber said...

Just so you know, I read your blog too! It's great to hear how your family is doing. Katie's babies are so beautiful. Hope you guys are doing well. Your family is in our prayers :)