Saturday, November 28, 2009


We had a great Thanksgiving Day at the Rhoades house this year! We had 21 of us. We were missing my brother, Ken, and his family. And we did miss having them here with us. So there was my Dad, my sister (Cheryl) and her family, and all of my family. After dinner we went over to the park behind our house and took a few family pictures and then we played the newlywed game with everyone. It was fun. Morgan and Mekelle are not married yet, so they were a couple for the game (they know each other pretty well). And also, since my mother has passed away, we still asked my dad the questions and learned a little more about grandma.

I don't have any of the family pictures we took on here right now because Kelsey took them with her camera, so I don't have any copies yet. I'm sure you can go onto Facebook though and see them. She has posted a few, I think.
Starting the food line. We are all hungry.
We had tons of food.

Here some of them sitting down eating. Others still in the kitchen.

The other table

My son-in-law, Jarom, and little Meg. such a cutie!!

Savannah, Jenna, and Rylie

Amanda enjoying her Thanksgiving meal

Here's the two little ones, Meg and London.

At the end of the day, Cameron had surprised Katie with a birthday cake. Her Birthday was a week ago, but such a busy day that she never got a birthday cake. However, we were all so full from the day, that we didn't even cut it. Just sang to her and put it back in the freezer, for hopefully another day. It looked good. It is filled with ice cream.

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