Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Fun at Grandma's House

Halloween at Grandma's House was fun again this year!! On Tuesday our home ward had their Halloween Party and Jenna and Amanda came over for that. Then on Halloween Linsey brought the girls down early for us to see them, and unfortunately Amanda did not get over to the house in time for pictures with the other girls before Linsey had to head back to Idaho Falls.

We had Sloppy Joes and then Jenna, London, and Amanda went Trick or Treating in our neighborhood. It was a nice evening, so not too cold for the girls. When they got back Jenna had fun handing out the candy to those still coming to the house. We had a big turn out this year. In fact, I ran out of candy (which has never happened before) and I started giving out Cliff's diabetic reaction candy bar stache and a big box of fruit snacks that I had just bought. Glad I had the extra!!

It was a fun evening with the Grandkids!! Here are some pictures of all of them.
Here is Jenna and Amanda on Tuesday before the Ward party.
They make a great Cinderella and Umpouloompa!!

Jenna and Amanda

Here are my two little ladybugs!!! Meg and London One little bug didn't want to sit still!!

Meg and London


Here's the crew, except for Amanda. This is before they went trick or treating.

Cute little ladybug. London

The three oldest ones......Jenna, Rylie, and Savannah

Cinderella is trying to keep the ladybug in one place..... (sisters)
Off they go
The very first house of the evening.....the Matson's......our great friends!!


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