Friday, April 15, 2011

Another Change in Our Lives

Last Sunday Cliff was released as the Bishop of the University 10th Ward. The church is making a lot of changes with the Young Single Adults and have dropped the name "University" or "Student" wards, and they dissolved all "Married Student" wards and sent the married students back to the family wards in which they live. All these changes took place last Sunday and in the process of these changes our 1oth Ward was dissolved and our kids were put into 5 different wards. So because our ward was dissolved and Cliff has been bishop almost three years now up there, he was released. So we will be returning to our home ward, Chubbuck 6th, this Sunday. It will be nice to return to the 6th Ward and I'm sure it will take a little adjustment, but we will dearly miss our kids of the University 10th Ward. We have grown to love them all....those there now, and those who have moved on. We have enjoyed so much being with them and learning from them. They will never know how my testimony has grown from being with them, serving with them, and having fun with them. They are great kids with great testimonies. I served as the Temple Prep Teacher up there and enjoyed so much teaching and preparing these young people to go to the temple. Cliff will be lost for a while without having the association of these young people through the ward or the Institute anymore, but we are looking forward, and making new plans. Priest Lake, Florida, and Puerto we come!!

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Kelsey said...

woot woot Puerto Rico!!!!