Monday, April 13, 2009


Yesterday was the first Easter in 28 years since Cliff and i were married that we were alone. The three married girls were either with their own little family or with in-laws and Morgan is in California. Morgan finished her first year of college last week, moved home on Friday and left Saturday with 3 of her roommates (Savannah Roe, Lindsay Woodland, and Mekelle (her cousin)) for California. They are going to have a great time for a week and then its back home to work for the summer.
So Cliff and I had a nice day in church and then a nice Institute Choir Fireside that night. We missed our girls, but it's ok we enjoyed spending it together.

I need to get some more pictures on here. I haven't taken many lately. But we are all surviving and doing well.

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Kristi said...

We spent our Easter alone also...You take what you can get when your kids grow up and have lives of their own. But sometimes after they've all been here for a go back to the alone, and the silence...and feels pretty good!